Fighter/Thief(Stalker) lvl 5/6


He has dark grey eyes, and grey skin – like most Svirfneblin menfolk, he is bald. Lean and lanky for a gnome, he is used to scouting by himself. He has a love of mushroom cigars – not shared by other races.


Date of birth:
Place of birth: Voxhollow

Sninkinuck is a refugee from a Svirfneblin city, Voxhollow that was assaulted and destroyed by the Drow. He was out on a training Stalk when the attack happened, and found devastation when he returned. He has been wandering since, lost and alone, uncertain what to do with himself for the future. As a Stalker, he has been brought up to deal with Others – even those who live on the surface, although he has only been up there when being schooled by his Master. He is searching for something to do with his life – at least until he has developed his skills as a Stalker to their utmost. One day, he will have his revenge!

Joined The Holy Cleanse in Episode 10 after being rescued from Angk Fish-Head‘s lair in Torsea by Darrow Greataxe, Khiara ’Jenkins’, Cornaith Nerisatra and Gerona.

Unlocked the mystery of the Underdark entrance under the mines of Mamor and was compelled by Garl Glittergold himself to find his own personal nightmare in Episode 35.

Died to a Giant Skeletons’s fireball attack in the ruins of Castle Dragonswatch in Episode 56.


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