Darrow Greataxe

Fighter/Cleric(Champion Of Barukthram) lvl 6/6


Date of birth: 25 Fellnight/13 PGW
Place of birth: Rockhome
Darrow Greataxe of Clan Greataxe is a Champion of the Original Church Of Barukthram. His parents were among the earliest followers of Father Berrin who founded the church in Rockhome.
Davin Greataxe, Darrow’s father, was the first Champion of the church and was the first to wield the great axe that is now in Darrow’s care. It was Father Berrin who first dubbed Davin with the name Greataxe which his descendants have adopted. Now that Davin is growing old, his role has become one of being the ceremonial leader of the temple guard in Rockhome. For a period before that he was the commander in charge of all the warriors of Barukthram who belonged to the Rockhome cult, including the other champions. During his career he won a more powerful axe of his own and dedicated his original one to the cult of Barukthram for other champions to use. It has passed through several hands but Davin is proud that he has now been able to pass it on to Darrow in the hope that his son will build a reputation to match his own.
Darrow’s mother, Kharina Greataxe, is the Assistant High Priest of Barukthram, second only to Father Berrin in the cult’s hierarchy in Rockhome. While Davin went out on sacred missions for the church, she stayed at Rockhome serving the church and also raising the family of four children of whom Darrow is the eldest. She has been at Father Berrin’s side as he preached to the people of Rockhome seeking converts. Now that Father Berrin has become elderly, it is she who takes the lead in most church services and also in preaching to potential converts.

Darrow is the only remaining original member of The Holy Cleanse. His adventure starts in Meshina in Episode 1.

In Episode 26 he met Audhild Strahken who decided to make him some Umberhulk Full Plate Armour.

Darrow Greataxe

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