The Holy Cleanse

Episode 8

(Towerday 09/Firemoot/50)
They left Meshina in the morning and began the walk to Dougwell. A farmer they met on the road, Wally Westler told them a few days previously he had seen lightning strike the top of Mount Meshina. They arrived in Dougwell in the early evening and went to the tavern, The Scarlet Bard where Khiara ‘Jenkins’ played her lute for the patrons. When talking to people around the tavern Darrow Greataxe met a young farmer, Leonard and cured his injured leg with his divine healing magic. Another patron Nigel joked with Darrow about curing him of a missing eye, and told him some information about Torsea

Leonard took The Holy Cleanse home to meet his parents, Derek and Paula who fed them and let them stay in their house for the night. Derek also offered to ferry them to Torsea and back in his fishing boat.

That night Darrow Greataxe saw Barukthram in a dream and showed him the way to the Church Of Barukthram.

(Wineday/10 Firemoot/50)
The next morning they ate breakfast and set off for Torsea with Derek. They landed on a beach near the South East corner of the island and after Derek left they investigated a nearby cave which they found inhabited by Giant Spiders. Samir was bit by one of the spiders and later died from the poison, he was buried in the cave.

After burying Samir they ventured into the island, and when they followed a trail of blood to a pair of Goblins fighting a trapped Bear, and chose to help the bear. Corniath’s Sleep spell made easy work of the greenskins. With the help of Khiara’s soothing lute playing Cornaith freed the bear from it’s trap.


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